“Cindy is very intuitive and I love her healing energy and accurate Coaching and Clarity. I highly recommend getting a soul reading with her!” Laurie Holmes


What is an Intuitive Card Reading?

An intuitive card reading is where I use tarot, oracle or a combination of both along with my intuition.

An Intuitive Card Reading is not a form of fortune telling. A reading is a useful tool of self discovery and self development. It mirrors situations that are presently occurring in your life. It creates space, mindfulness and visualizations, like, meditation. It is in this space that we have a sense of clarity. You see, the answers are already within us, it is simply clouded by outside noise. A reading simply shuts off the noise and really helps you create an awareness of what you already know. It can give you insight into how to approach a situation in the present moment.

A reading can provide amazing insight on so many levels from your own self development to every day life questions.

Intuitive Card Readings


A simple reading, yet, reveals insightful and deep information. This 10-15 minute – 3 card reading can be done via facebook messenger, zoom/skype or in person, if you are local. Book in advance.  $19.99


A full 30 minute intuitive reading. We dive deep into the reading so that you may gain clarity and insight on the question you have asked.  Done with a specific spread (6 or more cards) with clarifiers and including oracle cards.   This reading can be done via facebook messenger, zoom or skype, in person or video recorded with your own private link so that you can watch at your own liesure. $24.99


This is a live full reading including a life coaching session.  This session will take approximately 1.5 hours and needs to be booked in advance.  This reading will be done via zoom or skype or in person. $49.99


*All Prices in CAD  I accept paypal or e-transfer