My name is Cindy Virginia and I am passionate about helping others reconnect with their inner magic.

I’ve always loved helping others get out of their own way and guiding them to reconnect with their inner magic. I, personally, went through this journey of feeling like a part of me died. Like I no longer had this inner magic that shined so bright as a carefree child. Once upon a time, I didn’t know how to say no, I had no understanding of my boundaries, I forgot my own values and forgot who I was. The classic “people pleaser”. Not only did I forget who I was but I developed anxiety and depression and really had a tough time fighting through it. Thanks to years of personal development and the coaches, mentors, and teachers I’ve had in my life, I’ve been able to really truly get back to who I am.

Along my journey, I learned how to create space within myself so that I could tap into my own inner magic and wisdom. Each of our realities is different and each of us has the ability to change our reality in any given moment. I’m not here to change your reality. I’m here to guide you into that space of inner magic so that you can see your OWN reality, so YOU can change it and achieve that life you’ve always dreamed of. Life is really simple like that. We live in a world where nothing, something and everything exist at the same time. It is within this understanding we begin to recognize everything around us is what is within us. What would your life look like if you tapped into that Super Power?

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