The Healing Journey of an Inner Wounded Child

We all have an Inner Wounded Child because all of us have experienced some sort of traumas as children or beliefs that were programmed into us because, as children, we trust and believe our elders (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers etc).

As we go into our Adult years we carry this Inner Wounded Child with us and more times than not we begin to lead with this Inner Wounded Child. Imagine a 4 year old getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and started to drive. When we navigate our adult life with our Inner Wounded Child it will create chaos and even destruction. We hold ourselves back from being that light we were meant to be on this planet. We all have gifts to share and these gifts, more times than not, become stashed on a corner shelf in the furthest corners of our mind and heart. Those gifts we keep hidden are our very purpose for being on this beautiful planet. To connect, to create, to love.

I went through my own journey of healing my Inner Wounded Child. Years of counseling, coaching, spiritual advisers, hypnotherapists, energy healers have all been a part of my journey to understanding my Inner Wounded Child and how to nurture and heal her. I would seek help for several different aspects that needed healing like anger, anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and insomnia. Healing aspects helped a lot but they were like puzzle pieces to something deeper that needed healing.

I began on this journey by trying to heal what happened to me from the outside. Acknowledging who or what has caused this pain deep within me was how I thought I would heal. What I didn’t realize is that this journey had to be 100% from the inside out. Healing and understanding these symptoms of an Inner Wounded Child was very much a part of my healing but, it was very much on the surface. My thoughts initially started out as “This happened to me and it caused me pain, therefor it is the fault of the person/event.”

Did this create the space to heal and become who I truly was? Nope, it didn’t. I call this the finger point blame. Point one finger at things/places/people and where are are the other 3 pointing?…directly at me. We can’t possibly go within to heal when we are consistently pointing that finger outside of us. Every time I sought help for the symptoms it would resurface the past and bring the feelings to the surface all over again. At times this awareness brought up more feelings of anger and frustration….and blame.

This is where it becomes destructive for us. Our Inner Wounded Child takes that driver’s seat in our life and we navigate our adult world from the emotions of a child. Our Inner Wounded Child, literally stomps its little feet to get attention “Look at me, I’m in pain!” “Why are you doing this to me?” “Love me the way I need to feel safe!”. Each of us has our own, similar, inner dialogue. We navigate our relationships, are choices, are mishaps, our jobs, careers etc with this Inner Wounded Child and because we do that, we never get to be our beautiful and gifted authentic self. Letting our Inner Wounded Child drive our life means we are continuously focusing on the outside rather than inside. Outside is what we see and perceive. Inside is who we are. If we give ourselves a chance to go within we begin to see the magic of who we are. We create an authentic world for ourselves from this space. It took me years to realize all that magic that was within me. That’s not to say that Inner Wounded Child doesn’t get triggered, pulls tantrums, seeks attention, gets angry and/or gets frustrated. She gets triggered DAILY. But, I no longer let her drive or steer my life. I now have an awareness and that awareness allows me to understand and let go.

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