Had a conversation about the word confident with someone this morning and I felt compelled to write out my insights and share it with you all.

Words are powerful. We say them, we believe them but we only believe what we perceive of them based on our experiences.

Take the word confident as an example. As a child we were taught “being confident” was part of a personality trait. Someone might have said to you, “You just need to believe in yourself and you will be confident”.

When you see someone doing something and call them confident you are only partly correct. They may be confident in the action that you perceive but are they confident in everything? “She is a very confident woman” is your perception of the energy she carries with her. BUT, is she confident with everything she does?

When you tell yourself you lack confidence is it true that you lack confidence in everything? I’m 100% positive that you are confident in something.

Confidence is not something you are, confidence is when you do an action over and over and you become comfortable with it.

Do you brush your teeth every morning? Well then, you are confident. You are confident you will brush your teeth every morning. You are not confident because you brush your teeth, you are confident that you will brush your teeth.

See the play on the word? Next time when you say you lack confidence in yourself, ask yourself if you are telling yourself the truth. If you came to me and told me you are not confident or lack confidence, I would tell you it was bullshit. We are ALL confident in some things and we all lack confidence in some things.

And remember, all you need is the courage to become confident in whatever it is you want to do.

Namaste 🙏

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