There is a quiet space within us. We all have access to it. It brings us ease, peace, joy, love and creation. Yet, we choose to live outside of this space. The space of chaos, frustration, fear and destruction.

We are “forced” to live outside of that beautiful space so that we stay disconnected and overwhelmed. Yet, we crave for connection and love and joy. We continuously search for ways to find connection through our looks, success, money, fame. The media makes us believe, THIS is how we stay connected with eachother. We will buy just about anything to try to achieve this connection. Little do we know, to stay connected is to just BE.

This constant internal battle keeps us in a state of exhaustion, fatigue, sadness. What I like to call, “the rabbit hole”. You know what I think is created in the rabbit hole? Disease…DIS EASE. DISEASE! Disease of our mind, body and spirit. We become robotic, or like zombies. We become numb. We are prescribed pills to “help” our minds slow down, but, these pills just numb us from the truth. We stop feeling and continue doing. We lose who we are.

The more we create our realities from outside of that beautiful space, the more we become fragmented. We begin to chip away at who we truly are, piece by piece, bit by bit, until..we one day we ask ourself “Who the fuck am I?”

So, how does one get back to who they are? Have you ever defragmented a computer? If you don’t know what that is click here ( Our brains are like this. Our brains become fragmented by all the false beliefs and lies we’ve been sold on who we should be. So fragmented we no longer remember who we are.

Each and every one of us has something so amazing to offer, but, we continuously mask it with frustration, chaos, sadness, anxiety and depression.

How do we get back to being who we are? We “defragment”. Piece by piece, bit by bit.

We bring back love and gratitude. What are you grateful for? What do you love? Perhaps start a journal so that you have something to read over when you find yourself falling back into that rabbit hole.

We remind ourselves what activities as a child created joy within us. Did you write? dance? paint? draw? sing? build? act? What things did you like to create? What did you want or like to do before someone told you you couldn’t or created a belief that you were not good enough?

We reconnect with nature. Take walks (walking barefeet does amazing things!), go for hikes, go camping, sit under a tree, plant a garden.

We take time to be. Silent, with breath, mindful, meditation.

I guarantee you will rediscover that space where everything beautiful is created. Just take baby steps. Stay consistent with these small steps you choose. Do that one thing that creates joy, do it every day and don’t stop. That one thing is the rope out of the rabbit hole. It’s not an easy climb, but it can be done. Once you start, and continue without stopping the climb out will get easier. The closer you get to the top and see the light getting brighter, that is your light within. Amazing things are there, waiting for you.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what I wrote, whatever those may be. If this resonates and you think someone else would benefit from it, please feel free to tag or share with your friends.

The light in me honors the light in you. I am a reflection of your divine light.


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