Breath. It gives us life. We mostly take it for granted.

I need a sign

We carry on through our day breathing without thought. We trust it and rarely acknowledge the role it has in our body.

Today the forest wants to remind you that trees within it are giving you life by giving off oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. The forest is a strong part of our life force. This is connection. In our busy lives we forget how all things are connected to us.

Take a moment and create an awareness of your breath. How are you breathing? Are you breathing shallow, are you breathing deep? Part of what causes stress in our body is when we take in shallow breaths. It sends a signal to your body that you are constantly in fight or flight.

Once in awhile, pay attention to your breath. Take in 3 or 4 deep, purposeful breaths and when you exhale, breathe out the word thank you each time. Imagine yourself standing in a middle of a forest and feel the energy of the trees connecting to our life force. Breathe in that prana.  🙏🏻 Namaste

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