If we understand that our thoughts and feelings are simply experiences of thoughts and feelings that we have created in our own mind we begin to realize that the world outside of us only looks the way it does because we have created it with our “thinking”. (thinking = a constant replay of the same thoughts and feelings)

Next time you express to yourself, “I am so angry!” change the words to “I am experiencing feelings of anger”. How does that flow within your body? Check in with yourself. Which statement feels lighter? Which statement allows and passes?  Which statement creates more thoughts about the angry feelings you are experiencing?

All the thoughts and feelings in your mind are just experiences of thoughts and feelings that have been acknowledged. The acknowledged thoughts and feelings in your mind then becomes part of your thinking or turns into a belief.

“Do I have to hit every red light?” (feelings of anger and frustration) “It’s going to be one of those days” (feelings of anger and frustration acknowledged) “Why does this always happen to me?” (escalated feelings of anger and frustration) “Why can’t I just have a good day?” (confirmed feelings of anger and frustration) The more you learn to swipe left with your thoughts “let your thoughts pass”, the more room you have in your mind to create what you truly want. I mean, I don’t know anyone that wants a bad day.

Swipe right for the good stuff. “what a beautiful sunny day” (feelings of joy and ease) “It’s going to be a great day!” (feelings of joy and ease acknowledged) “I want every day to be as great as today!” (feelings of joy and ease confirmed)

A “day” is simply a collection of thoughts and feelings turned into thinking. “It’s going to be one of those days” creates feelings of anger or frustration. Anger lingers or attaches and your mind looks for more clues to assist with the continuation of the feeling. This does not mean resist your feelings of anger. This means to acknowledge it as one moment or thought because a second later you will have another thought. Anger only leads to more anger when we continuously acknowledge a series of experiences as “causing us to be angry” which then becomes part of our “thinking”. “I can’t stop being angry” “I need to stop being angry” <<< what you resist, persists. It’s simply the difference between attachment and letting go.

Creation does not come from our outside world, it comes from our inside world. All our experiences of thoughts and feelings when we use our eyes is, what your mind’s eye creates.

What thoughts and feelings are you acknowledging? Bring yourself to a day where you were so happy and said to yourself “What a great day!” at the end of the day. Did your outside world create that happiness for you or did a series of acknowledging your experiences of happy feelings create more happy feelings? What about a bad day? How many times did you acknowledge your feelings of anger or frustration that day to create your bad day? What about those days where you chose to say “nothing is going to ruin my day today because “I’m going on a vacation” tomorrow”? So, every thing that you might have thought or felt on a “bad day” didn’t seem so bad because any feeling that wasn’t serving you was replaced with “Ya, but tomorrow I’m going to be on vacation”. Is there truly a difference between the bad moments on a “bad day” and the bad moments on “tomorrow I’ll be on vacation”day?


The only difference is your acknowledgment of your thoughts and feelings at any given moment.

We literally CHOOSE to create a bad day or a good day. No one or nothing on the outside has any power to create those thoughts and feelings within you. Only YOU can decide your thoughts and feelings about an experience. We can not control our thoughts and feelings, however, we can decide what we “think” about it and if we want to attach to them.

The gift of human existence is, indeed, choice.

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