Can you do a tarot reading for yourself?

Absolutely! I highly recommend it! What better way to get to know yourself better (and get practice, if you’re a beginner). Doing readings for yourself is much like meditating. You stay present and mindful and it is within that space that you are able to create amazing things.

On my own journey in doing readings for myself, I have really learned how to work with my intuition, I can tap into my knowing for answers when I feel stuck or confused and I have created a connection with my own spirit guides.

Go ahead and try it. If you are new to it, journal your readings. Keeping a journal of your readings is a wonderful way to look back and see how much you have grown.

Today, I created this little daily spread for myself and wanted to share it so that you can see how I do some of my own personal readings. I use a variety of different spreads depending on what I’ve been called to do that day. Sometimes, it’s just a one card oracle, other times it’s 3 cards. There’s always a challenge reading for yourself as you really have to detach from your own “thinking”.

The first three cards are the top 3 cards and they go in order from left to right as:

What are my biggest strengths for today?
What challenges will I be facing today?
What do my spirit guides want me to know today?

After that I decided to pull some clarifiers and I asked (in order of 1,2,3, left to right)

What is that I need to see in a different perspective?
What will I be worrying, over thinking or stressing over the most?
What else do my spirit guides want me to know about the Page of Wands?

This is my interpretation of the cards.

My biggest strength for today is that I will have the ability to see things from different perspectives involving how to create more abundance in my life and to be able to change my outlook to positive. The 5 of pentacles is basically symbolizes lack and the fear of not having enough. There are times where I feel like I focus on the negative when it comes to my lack of abundance/success/money. I do have a limiting belief that centers around finance but, I am working through that.

My biggest challenge for today is to get out of my own head. There is no point wasting time on worrying or stressing over situations involving my business (it is on the forefront of my mind a lot these days) and that I’m working hard on something big and will be rewarded for it.

My spirit guides want me to know that I need to not get distracted and keep focused on my tasks/goals and by continuing to do so, I will have a reason to celebrate…or I’ll feel great at the end of the day for being so productive and staying on track!

I also pulled another card asking “What ascended master or divine being can I call upon to guide me through this day?”

Now, this was pretty darn cool! For my meditation this morning, I actually called upon Buddha to guide me through my meditation. Drawing this card was just confirmation of my path. Master Buddha says,

You are moving beyond the illusions that fear has created so that you can be more focused on your priorities and what is serving you on this path. All suffering eventually comes to an end, and acknowledging how you really feel and what occurred in order for you to feel this way will help you move beyond. Call on Master Buddha now to help you remember you are part of something that is greater than suffering. The wheel of karma is turning in your favor and all your acts of kindness and goodness will benefit you. Thoughts may arise now that solve issues in your life, home, relationships or work. They are being sent to you from your inner teacher, the Buddha within.

Thank you, for your wisdom, Master Buddha and a big thank you to my spirit guides for sending your messages through the reading today. <3

Do you do readings for yourself? I would love to hear from you so please do comment below and share your experience.

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