“Cindy is so gifted. She has a gentle, empowering, intuitive energy about her. She did a card reading for me and it was honestly so accurate and brought to light so much I’ve been struggling with. She shared ideas to help with this situation and makes you feel so empowered to shift what needs to be shifted. I highly recommended her and will definitely be telling my friends and having more readings and coaching done with her. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with others to help them on their journey” Tammy Jayne Chard



What is Intuitive Soul Coaching?

Soul Coaching is not your typical “life coaching”.  In Soul Coaching we work from the inside out and we tap into your higher self to gain a better sense of clarity of your situation.

What does an Intuitive Soul Coaching Session look like?

In our sessions we work together to bridge the gap between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. We gain access to your subconscious through card readings and intuition. The knowing is already within you, but, sometimes it’s blocked by over thinking and our own limiting beliefs.  Theses sessions are meant to guide you to that place of knowing.

Isn’t an Intuitive Reading Enough?

That would totally depend on what you want.  For some, a reading is enough, but there isn’t as much participation from you in an Intuitive Reading.  The combination of readings and coaching gives you more of an opportunity to ask questions, comment and participate to gain the most knowledge about your issue.  Each coaching session is an interactive experience.  NOTE: If you are considering coaching sessions, I recommend a full intuitive reading prior to your sessions.  This gives me a clearer picture of where you are at and how I can support you.  If you are interested in a reading click here.

Do I Need More than One Session?

I highly recommend no less than 3 sessions.  It is when a client has walked away from a session and had time to asimulate all that they have experienced from the session that will create more juicy questions.  Our main goal is for you to walk away from sessions with a sense of clarity.  From my experience, my clients have opened up something they’ve never opened before in one session.  The questions will be there and maybe a little more confusion, but, believe me, it’s brewing at this point!  The second session will answer a lot of your questions and some just know by the 3rd.  Others take a bit longer.

Who is Your Coaching Sessions For?

:: if you are frustrated with overthinking
:: unsure of your life purpose
:: if you want to remember who you are
:: want to discover your authentic self
:: if you are frustrated because you can’t stop living in fear of something
:: discovering your blocks (money, love etc)

How do you Conduct Your Sessions?

I use Zoom, Skype (audio or video) or Facebook Messaging conversation.  Whatever you feel the most comfortable with.  I feel using Zoom or Skype would get you a lot more than Facebook Messaging as Facebook Messaging takes longer due to having to type everything out.  I do either or, or a combination of both.



Introductory Price  $249.99 (for this price, you must book through this site)

Pre-Coaching Full Intuitive Reading Consultation:  $49.99 (these are NOT coaching sessions but a full reading for a better understanding of where you are at and how I can support you)

Add on sessions:  $59.99ea (note: This price is only if you’ve already purchased a 3 session package. You can re-purchase the 3 session package at any time)


*All Prices in CAD